Saudia Falcon Travel & Tourism Co, established in 2016, is today among the leading travel service providers in the Kingdom. Serving the various needs of travellers professionally, quickly at the right price, the company has made a name for itself in a short time.

What We Do?

We specialize in handling instant international and domestic air ticketing, worldwide hotel reservations, Packaged Holidays, travel documentation, Corporate Travel Management, Retail Travel Services, Cruise Tours, Visa, Travel Insurance, Forex and many more services. Saudia Falcon holds ticket stock of almost all major international and domestic Airlines.

Business Travel Specialist

Saudia Falcon helps business travellers every stage of the travel process. Your Saudia Falcon Consultant will plan the business trips with maximum efficiency and manage all your reservations along with continued support upon request whilst you are travelling. Our travel experts are inspired and guided by our core principles, allowing us to satisfy a substantial number of customers. Flexibility and client-focused services at an affordable cost, without any hidden charges, are what make Saudia Falcon a unique business travel partner among business travellers.

We are 24/7 at your service.

Business travellers can rely at all times on the expertise and commitment of our experienced consultants. Saudia Falcon is available 24/7 and you can get in touch with our consultants easily by telephone or e-mail. Business travellers can contact our emergency helpline at any time outside office hours.

Highly Personalized service

Highly Personalized service is among our most important objectives. Saudia Falcon Travel Consultant will manage all your travel requests and are not bound by time restrictions.<br /> Travel Consultants will analyse your individual travel needs and monitor your travel patterns and tailor solutions to your specific requirements. With Saudia Falcon, business travellers can rely on the best possible travel options at the most competitive tariffs.

We are focused on your travel comfort

Personal contact with your Saudia Falcon Travel Consultant promotes smoother cooperation and guarantees quality travel. Your Travel Consultant will gladly take the time to assist you, consider possible travel alternatives and be proactive in providing advice on better travel options. We can reduce your travel cost without compromising on travel quality. We are aware of the importance of travel comfort and the direct impact it can have on the productivity and performance of business travellers. That is why your comfort is our main priority. Once your requirements are understood by Saudia Falcon.

Corporate Travel Services

A successful business depends on a number of significant factors. The most important one being cutting down on costs and saving wherever you can. That's where we come to play, through our Corporate Travel Services. We’ve been providing the smartest travel plans and deals for decades now and we are keen to offer our services to your company as well. Created around your business trips and tours, from personalized services like Web Check-Ins and MIS reports to cost-effective offers and economical fares, we'll take care of all your Corporate Travel needs so that you can focus and take care of your business.